Thursday, October 10, 2013

IASA Annual Conference Report 1

Today, is the second day of the Annual Illinois Association of School Administrators Conference. The conference is held in Springfield, Illinois. There are 800+ school district in Illinois and it would appear that most of those districts have sent their superintendents to this conference. Yesterday, I attended a workshop with superintendents from our western Illinois region, as well as superintendents from the Chicago area and other larger districts. It is very informative to listen to the issues that affect rural and large districts in different ways. Each day has keynote speakers and breakout sessions. I have attended a financial workshop and student growth model breakout session to this point. Today, we are hearing about the IASA's new Vision 20/20 plan to make the voice of school leaders, teachers, students, and parents the sounds that our legislature listens to. This program is an exciting change in the mindset is public education leadership from reactive to proactive. I will share more on this initiative over the next few years.
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