Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I hope everyone enjoyed the day off on Monday. I know another day would have been great - especially with this current weather. 

I wanted to let you know that I spent Monday with 5 other area Superintendents at a Quincy area #FixtheFormula town hall meeting/press conference to discuss the great things that have been accomplished in our districts during very difficult financial times, the costs that have been absorbed by depleting fund balances due to proration and unpaid mandated categorical payments, the growing social-emotional needs of today's students, the growing teacher shortages, and the Evidence Based Model Funding Formula. Fix The Formula meetings are going on all over the state over the next two weeks.  

Those who spoke at this meeting:
Quincy Public Schools
Illini West
Bushnell-Prairie City

The Evidence Based Model has the potential to make a positive impact on rural and high poverty districts. Is it perfect? - No.. but as Mr. Todd Fox from the Southeastern School District stated yesterday "Perfect is the enemy of very good."  The current funding formula does not work - fully funded or not. I try not be an alarmist - but it is time to add pressure to the problem of the budget stalemate in Springfield. I urge you to watch the short EBM video. https://vimeo.com/174733070  - Think about the $350,000+ we did not receive during proration and the $220,000+ we are waiting on from this year's categorical payments - both of which are statutory requirements of the state.  Then.. contact your legislators (via phone, email, or in-person) - urge them to push their leaders to reach a budget and fix the school funding formula...will it help?..it certainly cannot hurt. Here is a link for contact information http://www.electedlist.com/IL.html

Find more information on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #fixtheformula

If you believe the Governor when he says that K-12 "received the biggest increase in school funding in years" or "K-12 schools are fully funded" - then my door is open to provide the true data that disputes both of these ridiculous agenda-padding claims. Both parties are at fault - but our kids - your kids - VIT's kids should not be short-changed by a power struggle.

Make a difference

Mike Curry, Ed.D.

"It always seems impossible until it's done" 
Nelson Mandela