Friday, May 30, 2014

8th Grade Promotion

Tonight is VIT's 8th Grade Promotion. Although these kids will only be moving to another part of the hallway next year, the move is a significant one. Going into high school is a big deal for kids. It is the beginning of four years of change for all of them. They will experience more educational opportunities, experience high school athletics, receive awards and recognitions, join clubs, make new friends, feel real disappointment, face academic and athletic adversity, and hopefully learn the most important skill in life: perseverance. They will in essence, begin to "grow up" right in front of us. As a HS principal I remember seeing more personal growth in my students from 9th to 10th grade. So to some, 8th grade promotion might be a bit old fashioned, but I say "enjoy it" because high school will be a new experience all to itself, for students and parents alike. Congrats to the VIT 2014 8th grade class.

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