Friday, January 24, 2014

Outstanding Lunch Meeting

Today, at our quarterly IASA Western Region meeting, we were enlightened on educational policy and legislation by Jim Broadway. Jim has been reporting on and writing about education policy for the past 20 years. His news was not great. Funding will fall for all schools. The state will start the year with a 2.2 billion dollar shortfall. This shortfall will make it nearly impossible for the legislature to fully fund education. Other topics included: curriculum, pensions, retired teachers, and political give-and-takes. 15 current superintendents and administrators were on hand for Jim's conversation.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cold Weather

Wow.... This is getting old - fast. We have now missed 6 days due to extreme cold weather. As I continue to mention, we close school for the safety of our students and staff during transport to and from school. Bus time wind chill temps of -20 or lower are dangerously low for kids at bus stops. -15 is where we start looking at the possibility of closing. The difficult part is that often, within a few hours, the temps rise to a tolerable level. As we look forward at weather models, these will probably not be the last days this winter we miss.
Thank you for your support - stay warm