Monday, July 7, 2014

Registration for 2014-2015

REMINDER - VIT Registration will be held on July 16th at both buildings from 7:00-11:30 and 12:30-6:30PM.


As I have started my second year at VIT, I thought it was a good time to share a few changes for this coming school year.  1. We have a new principal in place at the Junior-Senior High School. Mr. Snowden has retired after many years at VIT. His efforts have been greatly appreciated. After several applicants were screened by a committee of staff members. Four candidates were presented to the Board for an interview. After four interviews with four outstanding applicants, Tracey Korsmeyer was selected to be the next principal. Ms. Korsmeyer has taught at VIT for several years and has the support of the staff to lead the school in its efforts to continually provide quality educational opportunities to the students. She has been at work this summer making plans for the start of the year. She will be on hand all day at registration. 2. The district has employed two new teachers for 2014-2015. Mrs. Melinda Treadway and Ms. Kylee Palmer have been selected by Ms. Korsmeyer and her interview team to take over HS math and HS English respectively. I will have a special introductory blog for each later this summer. 3. The district, with a great deal of assistance from P.T.O., has purchased a software package from Study Island. Study Island is an online educational tool that we are looking to use a great deal in 2014-2015. For more information, you can check-out . 4. Both buildings are now total wireless environments. The number of laptops and tablets will continue to increase. Students can bring their own devices to school for use in academic settings. Parents can access our network while they are here for ball games or other school sponsored events. In order to make this system run as smooth as possible, we have employed Mr. Aaron Bucher as a full-time district technology leader.  Mr. Bucher will also teach one hour of a technology/computer course to our students in HS. 5. We are very close to starting a horticulture class for 2014-2015. upon approval, we will have the class 1st hour everyday. The class will be taught by a professor from Spoon River College. We will have a new greenhouse and garden on site. 6. Mr. Wilson has moved to the JSHS to serve as the P.E. teacher and Mr. Matt Klaska will now serve as the Dean of Students at the elementary school.  7. REMINDER that registration will take place all day on July 16th. I am looking forward to seeing as many parents and students as possible on July 16th. Stay tuned - there will be more blogs coming as we approach a new school year.