Friday, October 11, 2013

Conference Day 2&3

Day 2 at the Annual IASA Conference included a "new superintendents" workshop, vision 20/20 workshop, a workshop on impending insurance changes, and a rather gloomy forecasting presentation from the Illinois State Board of Education. In the ISBE presentation, it was announced that next year we may be looking at a more severe proration of our state assistance. Currently, we are funded at 89% of the state rate of approximately $6100/student. Next year it may drop as low as 85% and there is no guarantee that the State will not lower the foundation level from $6100ish. This combo would be disastrous for us and all schools downstate. This morning (Day 3) I am attending a technology 1:1 workshop that focuses on Google Chromebooks. The Chromebook is the device we are currently leaning towards deploying in the near future. After this workshop - it is back in car and up to Astoria for a Common Core Workshop.

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