Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Any Evening on the Trail is a Good Evening.

This afternoon, I made a 90 minute drive to meet with old friends and ride our mountain bikes all over Farmdale Reservoir near Peoria. It felt like 100 degrees out today. I was soaked just loading the bikes into the old green truck. By the time I made it to Farmdale, I was hot and drenched. Once on site, we loaded up with water, not near enough, and hit the trail for loop one. 3 hours, Two more loops, and a tricky downhill course later - we were spent! Why do I mention this trip? Well, three things come to mind: Friends, activity, and balance. All three are necessary parts of a healthy lifestyle. My friends drove 90 minutes from Springfield to get together and do what we love. The importance of activity on a healthy mind and body, at any age, cannot be denied. The concept of balance is important in our professional and personal lives. It allows us to be the best we can be in both areas. This long ride allowed me to step away from the superintendency for a few hours. Ironically, it also clears the mind and allows for clarity on issues to just sort of "appear" while on the trail. So, tomorrow it is back to the office and meetings. All of which are great, but taking time for the friends, activity, and balance can only make me a better leader.

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