Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Budget Fiasco

Illinois' Budget Fiasco 
click here for the background and potential impact on the entire state:
Illinois is the nation's only state without a budget in place. In fact we haven't had a real budget for over a year.  The only real budget passed last year funded K-12 education. While we are appreciative of the 15-16 funding, we also understand and see the irreparable consequences our state's most vulnerable citizens (poor, elderly, abused, etc) have suffered. Additionally, the effects of no funding for Higher Ed. has cost people in our part of the state jobs, cost students financial aid, and forced Illinois HS graduates to contemplate out of state colleges. 
    As far as VIT is concerned, no budget for 2016-17 will force the district to use $500K-$600K of our reserves.  At that rate, we can stay open for the entire school year - following years will be uncertain. Additionally, the draining of fund balances due to unforeseen and truly unbelievable governmental stalling and posturing will cause irreparable financial damage to our district. Such damage may lead to a sooner end of this district has you have known it since the late 1940's. 
    VIT is not alone in the negative consequences of financial uncertainty - all of our neighbors are feeling the same pressures - on a variety of levels. Our Board has been out in front of this fiasco for the last 12 months. I, and the Board, have the best interests of our students, staff, and communities at the forefront of our planning for this potential financial disaster. 
    If you are reading this, I hope you take a few minutes to read Mr. Willett's Letter to the Editor in the June 29th Argus. He hit the target - dead on. If you have the time or desire - CONTACT our local legislators and tell them enough is enough!
While my cup is half-full, the future is uncertain and the next 3 days in Springfield will shape our district's future.
Thank you for your continued support of VIT,
Mike Curry
Legislator Information:
Representative District #93

Official: Norine Hammond - Republican
Office: State Representative
Contact Information: 

209-N Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-782-0416
Fax: 217-557-4530

331 N. Lafayette Street
P.O. Box 170
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: 309-836-2707
Fax: 309-836-2231
Senate District #47

Official: John M. Sullivan - Democrat
Office: State Senator
Contact Information: 

417C State Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706
Phone: 217-782-2479
Fax: 217-782-3088

926 Broadway
Suite 6
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: 217-222-2295
Fax: 217-222-2944

1601 West Jackson St.
Suite 105
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: 309-833-5526
Fax: 309-833-5687

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