Monday, October 20, 2014

Principal Appreciation Week 2014

October 19th-25th is Principal Appreciation Month in Illinois.  Principal Appreciation Day is Friday, October 24th. According to Illinois Principal Association Executive Director, Mr. Jason Leahy, "Principals and educational leaders impact student lives in a significant way…..courageous leadership is essential to effectively educate students and work to provide the resources and support they need to be successful in the 21st century."  At V.I.T. , Ms. Tracey Korsmeyer is in her first year as principal of the junior-senior high school. Ms. Korsmeyer has made an immediate positive impact on her staff, the school climate, and educational setting.  Her history as a highly effective math teacher in the district has transferred to her leadership of the junior-senior high school.  At the elementary school, Mr. Matt Klaska is serving has the Pre-K through sixth grade Dean of Students.  Technically, I also serve as elementary principal. Serving in both roles is possible; serving them both equally is difficult. Without the day-to-day leadership that Mr. Klaska is providing in the elementary building, the teachers would be without immediate access for educational and behavior assistance.  Mr. Klaska is doing work that could easily be classified as principal duties and he still teaches an hour of health and provides math interventions on top off his leadership role.  Overall, I am very proud of the work that these new educational leaders are undertaking each day. I believe that their presence will continue to positively impact our students, staff, and schools in the long term.  I hope that if you see either Ms. Korsmeyer or Mr. Klaska this week (or anytime) you will let them know that their efforts are appreciated. 

A great time to show our principals your appreciation would be at Senior Night on Friday the 24th.  We have a very important game with play-off implications on the line. A great crowd would be a huge benefit to the home team.  It would also show our seniors the appreciation they deserve for four years of dedicated play on the field.

As always, have a great day

Mike Curry

Superintendent of Schools

VIT CUSD#2 – Where Education is a BIG Deal

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