Friday, January 17, 2014

Your Input Wanted

Today, I will open up an email address just for you - the community - to send in your thoughts on what you are looking for in a new High School/Junior High Principal. As we have started this process, we have set some in-house goals for our ideal candidates. Now it is time to here from more of you. I have received calls and spoken to numerous stakeholders about this process over the past few months. I explored many ways to involve a larger slice of our people. In the end, a parent committee for 8-10 evening interviews was not going to work for most. A community forum would be next to impossible with all of our school events and student participation. So, I think that this course of action allows for the smoothest, least time consuming, and hopefully the most thought-provoking option for community input.

Simply email your thoughts, concerns, areas you want addressed, and traits you want our new building principal to possess to: . Please include your name so that if need be, I can follow-up with you during this process. This email address will be open through Sunday evening - but don't wait. Email your thoughts sooner, rather than later.

Mr. Curry

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