Thursday, January 9, 2014

Good To Be Back

Having spent a few days working in the office over the extended break, two things became very clear. 1. A lot of paperwork can be tackled when the building is nearly empty. 2. It is not nearly as fun to be at work when the building is empty. While I was able to plow through some back paperwork and complete a few unfinished projects, the days just seemed to be missing something. Then on the first day back it was obvious; KIDS and STAFF. The excitement that happens here every day is what makes this job rewarding. It isn't getting reports completed in a timely fashion (although this is a necessity of the job), it isn't preparing for Board Meetings, and it isn't PAPERWORK. In the end, it is the daily interactions with our students and those adults charged with providing an engaging educational environment. Every day, I am able to work with great kids and visit with people who truly love their job. Snow days are great every once in a while – but having four in a row after a long holiday break - makes it very easy to remember why we are all here in the first place. Have a great day.

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