Friday, November 22, 2013

Family Night at VIT Elementary: Native American StarLab

On Thursday November 21st VIT Elementary hosted a Family Night event centered around our StarLab. The theme was Native American Constellations. In addition to the StarLab itself, Mrs Shaw provided a narration of many stories surrounding several constellations. Other activities included Mrs. VanTine painting faces, Mrs. Lawson leading students and families in the making of zodiac sign rain discs, Ms. Wenndt leading an art project, Mrs. Heaton hosting a reading of Native American stories, Mr. Schmersahl directing Tee-Pee designs, several high school students assisting with other activities including necklace making and printmaking. In addition to the activities, dinner was offered to families. My wife and I served VIT Elementary's "world famous" hot dogs with chips and a drink. 120 people had dinner at the school. According to Mrs. Becker, 188 people went through the StarLab program and over 200 attended. The evening was a great success. It is always great to get kids and parents into the buildings for programs that are both educational and fun.

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