Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Frustrating Morning

This picture descibes my day as I tried to decide weather(I chose that usage on purpose) or not to dismiss early. I am sure that it could also represent teachers working in the heat, students trying to stay engaged in the heat, and parents trying to plan for the dismissals. Choosing to dismiss early today was a very difficult decision. Temperatures right on the bubble, the fact we have not had a full day of school all week, the cancellation of practices, and the hope that today could be the last day of the heatwave all factored into an argument on not dismissing early. On the other hand, walking the buildings and classrooms four different times this morning led me to a couple of obvious observations: 1. Our building are heating up and doing so from 11:00AM on. All week, at 10:00AM, I said "this isn't too bad - we will be fine if it stays like this!" I knew that it was just wishful thinking. Once these buildings get in a pattern of high heat and little to no cooling overnight, they heat up quickly by mid-day. 2. Our students, especially elementary students, are worn-out. The indoor heat has a cumulative effect on them. It isn't like riding a bike or running around a shade tree. The indoor heat can be oppressive and does nothing to support learning. Finally, with the hope of temperatures staying cool fading, these two observations in mind, and the personal belief that parents and caregivers deserve at least two hours in a non emergency situation to prepare for early pick-up, I decided on 1:20 PM and 1:30 PM. As always - if you have any questions, concerns, or comments - Please call me at the school at 758-5138.

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